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Self discovery can come at any age of development from newborns discovering their hands to adolescents learning how to play sports. It is from the teenage years into adulthood that is the most common phase of self discovery. The aduthood stage of self discovery can be in three stages due to the fact that adults are living longer.

The first stage of self discovery is before developing a serious relationship. The old saying " you need to love yourself before you can love someone else " is true. Self discovery is most important for adults to know who they are and what they have to offer the other person. The second stage of self discovery is thought to be one of the most important stages for self discovery, because this stage requires more of the mental and physical part of self discovey. This can be as easy as reinventing ones self completely from the way one looks on the outside and inside health. This stage has been referred to as midlife crises in the past. The self discovery can appear so drastic to family members. The final stage of self discovery is taking on new challenges. This can be taken private art lessons that center around each persons individual needs. Impastato Gallery offeres private drawing and painting packages that can fit any stage of self discovery.

Elizabeth Impastato

Art and Communication

Art is about expressing yourself. In art one finds a sythesis where the mind of the viewers meets the mind of the artist. Through this sythesis there is a reaction and the mind of the viewer finds a connection with the artwork itself. Though, it need not be even the same thought that originated with the artist, such as in abstract pieces (or even more realistic works), there is a connection that is made. Thus the expression of the mind in art becomes unspoken communication.

Many people however are afraid to express themselves in this fashion. We at Impastato Gallery and Art Therapy assure you there's nothing to be afraid of by expressing yourself through art here with us.

Come visit and enjoy our painting parties, private painting or drawing lessons, or our painting for two (bring a date, a friend, or a child), or browse through our Art Gallery with local Louisiana artists for a painting that speaks to you. You will discover with us the joy of communicating through art and you will find the gateway to a new form of expression that will make your life take on a much more vibrant hue.

Come and visit us at Impastato Gallery and Art Therapy.

Create! Express! Explore!

Written by Eric Mondello

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Time Together!

Time Together! - Blog

When was the last time you had special time alone with someone ?

Do you ever wish you could go some where and just hide with that one special person?

At different times we all need to have quality time with a good friend, parent or love one. If you could spend time with that person creating and laughing together it could improve your health in so many ways. Just the act of laughing helps release chemicals that help us feel good, serotonin and dopamine.

The Gallery offers a special package called ” PAINTING JUST FOR TWO” that allows time with someone special. The special connection that is form during the process of creating on canvas while letting go all the stress of the day equals to beautiful artwork. The time spent with each other is captured on canvas like a photograph to keep forever.

Think about spending alone time with someone special for 2015.

E. Impastato

Color & Personality

Color & Personality - Blog

What does your favorite color say about your personality?

Here are a few examples of the most popular colors. If you like Red, you crave excitement and like to live in the moment. Easily bored, you also enjoy having the power to get things done quickly. Red lovers are passionate about life.

Do you find that the color Pink is your color of choice ? Pink, lovers are sensitive and kind, with a sweet disposition. They also crave romance.

Yellow is a popular color that reveals a personality that is playful and optimistic. The yellow lover is full of wonder and sees things as easy to accomplish.

The color Blue has been related to a personality type that like a sense of calm and control in life. They value loyalty in others. Sky-blue attracts the pleasure seeker, while Navy-blue appeals more to the serious and conservative.

Green-lovers are known to be generous with goodwill. They long to feel safe and make the world a better place. They are very strong minded.

If Purple is your favorite color? You are a negotiator and have a desire to please. You are known to have a sense of mystery.

If you pick Orange? You are gregarious, dynamic, and fun to be with. You do not mind sticking out in a crowd and have a great appetite for life and food.

Color is something that people identify with at a very early age. Color means different things to people. We all have our favorite color. Our favorite color may changes over time as we expereince new things in life.

Enjoy color,

Elizabeth Impastato

“One Big Rut!”

“One Big Rut!” - Blog

Like most families that live on the run it is easy to get in a rut. Do you feel that there is not enough time to do everything that you need in a day?

Try to plan out your day, as much as possible. Set a goal for each day, breaking down the goal into steps. Each step has allowed time for set backs. The list will help you avoid procrastinating and help you focus. You are on the way to braking the rut.

When driving kids to various activities this can lead to poor diet. This means less time to prepare dinner and more takeout. One way to brake this cycle is to plan ahead. Pick a day, Sunday to plan out dinner for the week. Healthy snacks like raw nuts, hardboiled eggs and energy bars can help you maintain steady blood sugar.

Enjoy your time,

Elizabeth Impastato

Laugh For Your Health

Laugh For Your Health - Blog

Laugh for your health, sounds so easy to do right. How many times have you caught your-self laughing today or yesterday? Do you find that you can not count more than one or less times laughing in the past few days? Let’s get laughing to improve over all health.

The Short & Long benefits of Laughing,

Lead to a bounce in your step. Laughing leads to elevated endorphins that fire up cooling down your stress response causing a feel good reaction. Just the positive thought response alone during laughing releases neuropeptides to fight stress and increase your personal satisfaction.

The muscles in the face and our body engage, causing respiration to increase as well as heart rate allowing more oxygen to the tissues. So this simple act can increase infection fighting antibodies leading to a stronger immune system and better health.

Laughter is a great form of connection with other people. If you are looking to laugh more and have fun then Impastato Gallery is a great start. Join us on Thursday nights for ” uncorked ” grab a friend and come laugh and paint with your favorite bottle of wine. Check out our website for more fun. www.impastatogallery.com

Elizabeth Impastato

What have you done for yourself lately?

What have you done for yourself lately? - Blog

How do self-worth and health affect your life?

The benefits of a healthy self-worth lead to lower stress and improve resilience. The discussion of self-worth/self-esteem, often focus on children. As adults how can improve our thoughts and perceptions? One way to start is recognizing the strengths and weakness. Just the act of wanting to improve yourself is a great start. The willingness to be open to feedback can lead to great strides of growth.

Recent studies have revealed that feedback is discounted when self-worth is low. The sense of safety, the perceived threat of feedback to allow the giving and receiving of effective feedback (communication skills) can lead to improving self-worth.

The Physical-Mental-Social Aspects of Well Being. So be specific when asking for help. Set aside ” Me Time” on a regular cycle. Take time to Enjoy Life!

Take Time to Create, Express, Explore.

Take Time to Create, Express, Explore. - Blog

Taking Time out of our busy life to use the wright side of the brain. When was the last time you colored ? As adults we do not use the wright side of our brain enough. All of us are creative every day. The day is full of imagination and creativity but not enough of fun stimulation. It is important to challenge yourself with creative outlets that release stress. The mind can really grow by drawing and painting. The process uses both sides of the brain, wright and left causing brain cells to grow. So next time you find yourself forgetting what you were just about to do, take time out. Then make plans with friends to Create, Express, Explore.

The Month of August is dedicated to CARETAKERS

The Month of August is dedicated to CARETAKERS - Blog

When you are a caretaker how do you balance caring for yourself and others? It is not uncommon for the caretaker to forget their own well being. Most caretakers can even become very ill them self and not even notice. The caretaker can feel guilty doing anything that does not focus on the other person. It is very hard for “the caretaker” to have emotions that are a reflection of their own.

The caretaker lives with chronic stress which has been linked with cardiovascular illness. Dr. Esther M. Sternberg at National Institute of Mental Health, says that chronic stress causes the immune system to back fire. Care givers are more likely to suffer from flu and colds. The Brain cells are also bombarded with stress signals causing lower memory,focus and problem solving skills.

The caretaker must get rest and relaxation in order to better serve others as well as them self. Large studies have shown the more social, a large network of people interaction can improve the caretakers longevity.

July Full of Fun

Camille Barnes has joined the Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy family of artists. Camille’s work adds a nice touch to the gallery that gives the art collector a wide selection of Barnes realism style to Rosenbloom’s abstract and Impastato’s impressionism. The month of July at Impastato Gallery is “Full of Fun.” The month of July the talk will be offered free to the community at the end of July. The gallery is planning meet the artist, learn what inspires them.

Full of Color in May

Full of Color in May - Blog

The month of May is full of Color for Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy.

To kick the month off, we are offering our first workshop!

When: May 3, 2014, 10:00am-1:00pm
Description: Learn how to use color in your own unique and expressive way!

Also, join us to hear Theresa Heraty’s talk.

Speaker: Theresa Heraty
Topic: From a different perspective
When: May 4, 2014, 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Description: Learn how to work with your child’s diagnosis. What does the child see from their eyes. Theresa will also provide information on resources available to families.

Children’s Museum Celebration

Children’s Museum Celebration - Blog

Children’s Museum Celebration

Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy enjoyed being a part of The 2014 Children’s Museum Celebration. The theme “Celebration: All Aboard” to benefit the Children’s Museum of St. Tammany gave the opportunity to be a part of the community’s dedication, hard work and commitment to create a place where our children can learn, play and grow!

The art work donated for the silent auction by the gallery helped to raise $18,000.

Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy will be at “Hats off Luncheon” benefiting STARC (Services, Training, Advocacy, Resources, Community) Connections for individuals with disABLITIES). The event will be at Tchefuncta Country Club in Covington on April 11, 2014. In honor of ENTERPRISING WOMEN OF THE YEAR.