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Whether you are a first time artist or looking to develop your existing skills, our drawing and painting classes offer private student-instructor attention. We offer membership packages to suit your needs. All art supplies are part of the packages.

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1 on 1 Art Lessons

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Whether you are a first time artist or looking to develop your existing skills, our private lessons offer the undivided attention of our instructor. Private lessons are also a great gift for that person who had always talked about creating art.

See our Lesson Types Listed Below.

Monet Membership

Monet Membership - Lessons & Memberships

Offers 4 classes that are all two hours each session. The student will work with the instructor on skills that are discussed by complimentary assessment. This package is personalized according to the needs of the student. The class is private to focus on the individual working with Elizabeth Impastato/artist. The student will work with Impastato's art supplies each session allowing the student full creative options. The Monet Membership is all about " YOU " from the day and time of the lesson to the private personalized package.

$425. package fee

Please call today to reserve your spot.

Picasso Membership

Picasso Membership - Lessons & Memberships

Is the deluxe package that offers a total of 8 private classes that are two hours each session. The student will work with all levels of media including different texturing styles of art. Elizabeth Impastato offers these classes to the student that is dedicated to exploring,creating and expressing from with in them-self. Elizabeth works with the need of that student improving the total use of media options based on the students level of development. If the student requires drawing by Elizabeth to paint a fee of $45. will be charged. The student will have the availability of Impastato's art supplies to develop their art growth. The student has the option to discuss which media they would like to learn.

The student will be part of the Impastato community which allows them to enter their work for display at Impastato Gallery student art showing held every year.

All classes are subject to availability.
To insure your spot schedule your appointment today!

$760. package fee

Receive a discount with 3 month agreement, paying up front allowing 24 classes to learn and create.

Please call today to reserve your spot.

Drawing Lessons

Drawing Lessons - Lessons & Memberships

Drawing Lessons ( DRAWING JOURNEY ) - Taught by Elizabeth Impastato and created by Eric Mondello. Please see our In the Spotlight Page to read about Eric.

1 Students per Class. Take the full Journey!

These classes are designed to help the student progress to a level of excellence, our drawing classes offer the insight of your teacher to help guide you to the level you wish to achieve. Look forward to improving your drawing technique in these exciting classes. We invite you to explore with us the Drawing Journey.

1st Drawing Membership : Prespective and Landscape

Offers 4 classes that are 1.5 hours each session. The student will learn the techniques used for perspective and landscape drawing. This class is the foundation needed for any level artist. Design to improve each students skills through discussion by complimentary assessment each class as they prepare for the next level of drawing discovery.

The fee is $250.

2nd Drawing Package : THE FACE

Offers 4 classes that are 1.5 hours each session. This package includes the addition of learning important shading techniques that will make your work have a sense of realism. This is one of our most requested classes offered, covering facail structure and the details that are unique to each face. The student will be taught the best way to develop emotion from the variations in the face. This class will have you looking closer at the different nationalities and how special each human face is uniquie around the world.

The fee is $370.

3rd Drawing Package : BASIC ANIMALS

This 4 class package is 1.5 hours each session. If you have always wanted to learn how to draw your favorite animal this is the class best for you. The instructer Eric Mondello will work with the student helping them use techniques that will develop realistic drawings of each basic animal. This class will incorparate the skills developed from the drawing journey process prior to this point.

The fee is $370.

4th Drawing Package : The HUMAN BODY

This package offers 4 classes that are 1.5 hours each session. The student will be encourage to use the skills taught in classes prior while being taught anatomy of the human body. This package teaches the student details needed to draw from photos as well as memorie. This drawing process helps the student to find their own style of drawing that will help them toward reaching personal excellence.

The fee is $370.

5th Drawing Package : SHADING and TECHNIQUES

This package is 2 classes that are 1.5 hours each session. The student will finish the drawing journey around the world with this class. Allowing the student to develop their personal style in all areas of the drawing journey.

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Membership Policy

The art lessons, provides exclusive benefits to Impastato drawing and painting students. Each student has a personal appointment reserved just for them for art lessons. The lessons are to be paid before service and are non-refundable. Please call us for more information.