Eric Mondello

Eric Mondello - In the Spotlight


Eric works with pen, pastel, charcoal and textured acrylic. Inspiration for Eric comes from making his clients happy.

As a young boy Eric found great comfort in his art. Eric spent hours reading books and drawing the characters. His talent for capturing his subject’s mood is reflected in the eyes. His passionate depictions of the human form keep his audience wanting more.

“Art has been my loyal companion through some rough times.” As a student at Delgado, Eric was recognized as a talented portrait artist. Eric was awarded the “Shelly Award”. Since that time he has been commissioned to recreate paintings from historic photos.

Eric has studied graphic art design at The Graphic Design School in Australia. He has also branched out to portrait art by commission

Heather Bravo, MAT, ATR

Heather Bravo, MAT, ATR - In the Spotlight

Registered Art Therapist, Masters in Art Therapy from Vermont College of Norwich University

Heather provides Art Therapy services to children, adolescents and adult clients in an inpatient and residential treatment setting.

She manages programs designed to promote “Healthy Lifestyles” in children by giving them the opportunity to build self-esteem, learn positive coping skills and decision making skills.

IMPASTATO GALLERY & ART THERAPY is pleased to have Heather’s services available. We also welcome Heather to our Speaker program.

Tracey Farrell

Tracey Farrell - In the Spotlight

Tracey Farrell our latest artist to join the IMPASTATO GALLERY & ART THERAPY. Tracey is an award winning artist from Mississippi. We are honored to have her talents here in our gallery.